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Musician Headshots

We apply to our professional portraits the same skill and attention to detail it takes to get a perfect family portrait.

Clients often tell us that our professional portrait is the best photograph they have ever seen of themselves.

Blue Sweater Headshot


Dating Headshot


Female Headshot Photo

Blue Shirt Headshot

Woman Smiling Photo
Casual Headshot

At Elegant Images Fine Art Photography our goal is to make your headshot truly Elegant

Your headshot must reflect your personality.

At Elegant Images we spend the time to understand what you want to convey in your headshot. What facets do you want to represent about yourself? Is it sharp intellect? Good humor? Trustworthy business skills? Style? Warmth? Sensuality? The lighting and composition techniques will be different for each.

Your headshot has to look professional and refined.

At Elegant Images we apply both our talent and our skill to insure the proper lighting, focus, and composition to your headshot.

Your headshot has to look natural.

People are very attuned to the sincerity of a photograph. If the pose, expression, lighting or composition of the shot looks forced or unnatural, it will undermine the purpose of having a headshot in the first place.

Looking natural doesn't end with the photography session. It's also important to make natural looking adjustments to the image afterwards. The camera sees differently than our eyes and therefore adjustments need to be made in post-processing to give the most natural result. Our expertise in color correction and retouching will make your headshot stand out.